QIES is an established Events Supplier in Qatar, providing the newest Equipment on the Market to ensure that your Event will be a full Success. Customers come first & it is our Aim to guarantee Customer Satisfaction with high quality Services & Standards. We tailor-made & adapt to your Requirements & Wishes. Quality Materials are Essential. We offer different Tent Sizes as for example 20 x 60 m Royal Tents with Curtains, Carpets, Lights & Air Condition. Bathroom Facilities, all kind of Chair Types in different Shapes & Colors are available, with Round Table & Tower Lights.

Our Dinner Tents are a Highlight and can be used for all kind of Events or special Occasions. They come in sizes of 10 x 20 m, 10 x 15 m & 10 x 30 m with Curtains, Carpets, Lights, Air Condition & Buffet Tables.

QIES has provided their Services during the National Day & Qatar Olympic Day. For these special Events we have provided Arabic Tents with 6 x 10 m, 6 x 15 m, 6 x 20 m, 6 x 25 m, 6 x 30 m & 8 m x 20 m.

Also we offer smaller sizes of Arabic tents as 6 x 4 m, 6 x 6 m & 6 x 8 m. The Arabic Tent is made of high quality fabric and includes an Arabic Majlis, Red Safu, Sadu Coffee Tables & Arabic Decoration.

The Installations & Fixing Will Be Done 24 Hours Prior to the Event depending on the requested Tents Quantity. Removing & Dismantling of the Tents will be done 24 Hours after the Event.

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